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Neymar to PSG? Coutinho & Verratti to Barca?

Depending on the minute you check Twitter, Neymar might or might not be leaving FC Barcelona to join PSG for a world record transfer fee.

If Neymar were to leave, I believe Barcelona would strongly pursue at least 2 of the following 3 players: Dybala from Juventus, Coutinho from Liverpool, or Verratti from PSG themselves.

I would love for Neymar to stay in Barcelona, but if he were to leave, I think the club will be fine moving forward without him. If they were to bring in a couple of the players mentioned above, they would essentially start a new era at the Camp Nou.

Here are some possible formations that new Barca coach Velverde might use this season, depending on what happens in the coming weeks:

Neymar stays, Coutinho in: 4-2-3-1
Neymar ——- Suarez ——- Messi
————— Coutinho —————-
Iniesta ———————- Busquets

Neymar out, Coutinho, Verratti in: 4-2-3-1
Deulofeu ——- Suarez ——- Messi
—————– Coutinho —————
Busquets —————— Verratti

Neymar stays, no other signings: 4-3-3
Neymar ——- Suarez ——- Messi
Iniesta ———————- Rakitic
————— Busquets —————-

Dybala, Coutinho in, Neymar out: 4-2-3-1
Dybala ——- Suarez ——- Messi
————– Coutinho ————-
Iniesta ——————– Busquets

Dybala & Verratti in, Neymar out: 4-3-3
Dybala ——- Suarez ——- Messi
Iniesta ———————- Verratti
————— Busquets —————-

However, whatever happens in the next month with all this transfer talk, we know that this season is gonna be an exciting one leading up to the World Cup next year!


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